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Destroying The Illusion Blog 12/28/2017
CIA's twitter account today Interesting tweet coming from the CIA's twitter account today.
Fun fact: this is likely a man-made UFO (German anti-gravity "Bell" craft), not an ET one.
Irony: The Nazi OSS is what basically became the CIA post World War 2 (Operation Paperclip).
So this is basically the CIA tweeting about one of their own secret craft from the 50's to rustle the public's feathers. Ha.
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Destroying The Illusion Blog 12/28/2017
Assume Responsibility Assume responsibility for yourself so you can truly be free
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Destroying The Illusion Blog 12/25/2017
DoD Confirms Q... DoD Confirms Q/Assange Twitter/UFO Distractions/Cabal Symbolism in Plain Sight. #QANON #JULIANASSANGE #TWITTER #UFO #DISCLOSURE #ILLUMINATISYMBOLISM
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Destroying The Illusion Blog 12/27/2017
Disclosing the Secret Space Program Webinar Series Join me on January 27th for the first installment of the "Disclosing the Secret Space Program" Webinar series exposing missing money, hidden technologies, and a history of secrets and suppression that need to be revealed to humanity.
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Destroying The Illusion Blog 12/22/2017
Netflix Show Stranger Things - CIA's MK-Ultra experiments So much soft disclosure in this Netflix show

  • Psionic abilities (telekinesis, remote viewing, remote influencing)
  • An "upside down" (metaphysical realm)
  • CIA's MK-Ultra experiments (although Stranger Things is based more so off of the CIA's Montauk Project - - which was a deeper, more secretive offshoot of MK-Ultra)
  • "Interdimensional beings" ("inter-density", I'd say is more accurate. Big diff between densities and dimensions. And why no good guys in the upside down?)

Crazy some of the stuff they let slip out with this one. Wonder who authorized it? And why?
P.S. Season 1 was better though.
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