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Disclosing the Secret Space Program The “Disclosing the Secret Space Program” (SSP) Webcast series will bring esteemed researchers, whistleblowers, and disseminators of information together.
** The first 2 events are on Saturday 01/27/2018 & Saturday 02/03/2018 then once a month till December 2018
  • $333.00 Entire 12 Episodes -or-
  • $55.00 Launch Package / First 2 Episodes -or-
  • $33.00 Per Episode
- Hosted by Jordan Sather
- Register here: Disclosing the Secret Space Program

The “Disclosing the Secret Space Program” (SSP) Webcast series will bring esteemed researchers, whistleblowers, and disseminators of information together.

You will be presented a foundationally, accurate understanding of what the Secret Space Program is.

First you will be introduced to the basics and a case for a “Secret Space Program” will be made.

Then, the series will delve into how the Department of Energy has kept these technologies locked away from humanity by classifying over 8,000 patents.

We will delve into how the illicit drug trade is funding secret programs and how over $20 Trillion has been funneled from the DOD into the SSP since 1980.

We will then cover the Extraterrestrial involvement in the development of these Unacknowledged Special Access Programs from World War II to the present day.

We will complete our Webinar Series by investigating the evolution of Human consciousness and the idea of ascension as it relates to the secret space program.

Please, join the mailing list and be kept informed about the first Webcast with Jordan Sather and Corey Goode in January 2018. Corey and Jordan will be sharing the last interview Bill Tompkins gave before his passing in August 2017 along with never before released footage of the first meeting between Bill and Corey.
Leveling Up "Leveling Up - The Quantum Healing Field” event in Seattle (IN PERSON)
March 3rd from 9am-5pm PST
Location: NewHolly Gathering Hall - Family Building / 7054 32nd Avenue South Seattle, WA 98118
Google Map Link

Price: $55 ($66 w/ lunch) - Early bird special: save $22 when purchased before 12/31
Link to event - Click Here

Leveling Up - The Quantum Healing Field event in Seattle (IN PERSON)

More than ever, humanity is being challenged to open previously hidden healing techniques and discover new pathways to mind/body/spirit connection.

This event was created for those of like mind to come together in a warm and welcoming environment to partake in stimulating truth and healing techniques and information. The lineup of gifted truth seeking healers in our new age of discovery will be hosted by Psychic Satellite's Tracey Shug and will include Brad Johnson - channeler, psychic, healer and reality whisperer. Jordan Sather - truth seeker, information gatherer, mentor and educator of transformative esoteric messages. Eric Raines - teacher of GoldenLight energy work and removal of parasites/implants. Reese SanAgustin - intuitive energy worker, psychic/medium and teacher. Stephen McLean - healer and teacher using Observational Healing techniques. They will spend the day sharing their knowledge and open us to the divine truth we carry within.

Leveling Up - The Quantum Healing Field event in Seattle (IN PERSON)
Truth About Cancer - Summit by Portal to Ascension The “Truth About Cancer” online summit for Portal to Ascension.
** This event is on Saturday 03/17/2018 & Sunday 03/18/2018
  • $FREE.00
- Jordan Sather speaking...
- Register here: "Truth About Cancer" Summit by Portal to Ascension


The word cancer came from a Greek word karkinos to describe carcinoma tumors by a physician Hippocrates (460–370 B.C), but he was not the first to discover this disease. Some of the earliest evidence of human bone cancer was found in mummies in ancient Egypt and in ancient manuscripts dates about 1600 B.C.

However, cancer as we know it as today began increasing in frequency and variations around 200 years ago. It is estimated that around 38% of men and women in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime…. That is close to almost half the population. In the UK 1 out of every 2 people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

The mainstream narrative is that this disease is fatal and commonly accepted treatments are now being proven to increase the chances of death.

What if there was another solution? Are there any advancements or holistic approaches that are better suited for treating or preventing cancer entirely?

Many people are dying and are sick… what would you do if you knew that a treatment exists that can improve the quality of life and increase our mortality rate.

This webinar is an exploration of cancer and illness in which we will dissect the truth behind the reasons why these methods are not in wide scale use; and what we can expect in the years to come as these advanced technologies and holistic treatments begin to emerge.

Humanity has evolved to a state in which many dis-eases that are currently on the planet should not be affecting us any more. The time is NOW to DISCLOSE the truth.
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